MLM Software – Critical to your Success

MLM Software is the backbone and infrastructure of your Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Multi Level or MLM Business. MLM Software provides the daily sales platform for the general public on replicated sites of your MLM. It also provides distributor login and management of their MLM sales team and sales performance, MLM website and content management, inventory management, communications and MLM Commission Calculation.

Every critical area of your MLM Business is managed from the MLM Software Platform. It is an extremely important part of your business and the MLM Software Provider is your most strategic partner. Your MLM Software Provider must understand your particular business and software needs, working with you as you grow. They must manage the IT and Hardware which drives this critical system. They must be accessible for support or customer service.

You must make the right decision in MLM Software and the MLM Software Provider. It can spell success or disaster for your business.

First, you share your business model. What products or services will you be selling and how do you intend to sell and market these products or services.

Second, you share any integrations that may be needed to support the sale of these products or services. In some cases, it may be realtime integration with a warehouse management system. In other cases, it may be an API integration between third party site that conducts a transaction. It could be a monthly CSV file from third party, provided to you for upload and post.

Third, you share specific expectations and functions that you want in the Distribturo Back Office and in the Amin Back Office.

Fourth, you share the specific MLM Compensation Plan, Bonuses, Ranks and Rank Advancement that you would like to use. At this point, it is good if your MLM Software Provider is also an MLM Consultant or MLM Expert. If so, it is best if you are willing to be educated and allow them to comment on the Compensation Plan. Many people propose MLM Compensation Plans that are not capable of making money. They over pay distributors or pay almost nothing to the distributors, making them angry.

Fifth, your MLM Software Provider should provide a contract or license agreement. Take time to review and schedule a call to ask questions about any part. An MLM Software Provider will provide Managed/Hosted solutions for a fee. These fees are necessary to manage the expansion of your business, updates and customer service needed along the way. When acceptable, sign and return.

Sixth, your MLM Software Provider should provide a detailed Compensation Plan Specification or System Specification Document. It is mostly meant to spell out the details of your compensation plan as they relate to the system. This wording is very important. Take time to review and schedule a call to ask questions about any part. When acceptable, sign and return.

Seventh, you share site design requests with their designers. A design document may be provided and require approval, sign and return. Stay in communication with the MLM Software Provider during the development process, responding as quickly as possible.

Eighth, when the site goes live, begin placing basic content items, such as About Us, FAQ, Founders, etc. Also make sure you prepare and provide the Policies and Procedures, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and other policies.

Ninth, contact your Merchant Provider to make application for a merchant account.

Tenth, locate and purchase an SSL for your site.

Eleventh, when MLM Software Provider is complete, be quick about scheduling training on use of the system.

Normal start-to-finish is 30-45 days, but custom requirements could extend the process.

Scott H Leonard is an 18 year provider of consulting, compensation plan development, and software provider to the MLM Industry.

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